19 August 2012

5 Foods // 4 Books

10 Day 'You' Challenge
10 secrets // 9 places // 8 fears // 7 wants // 6 places // 5 foods
4 books // 3 films // 2 songs // 1 picture of yourself

Okay so I missed yesterdays because I was so busy with my other posts and my the giveaway starting so I thought I would do day 5 and 4 together and their quite nice challenges :)

5 Foods
1. I absolutely adore take away, I'm aware of how unhealthy and fattening it is but I can't help it I adore it.Well I love pizza hut too, it's just as good.
2. I love macaroni cheese (packet mix I haven't tried homemade) and it's just so nice and easy to make.
3. I like shortbread and last week I made some with my boyfriend since then it's lovely plus my mum's brought me some back in the shape of a westie and it was so cute!
4. Ben and Jerry's. I'm sure everyone loves this and has their fav flavor (definitely cookie dough!) and I always tend to get it when it's on offer, it's just so yummy and a good snack/relaxing night in on your own or when I'm with Tom ^.^
5. I'm ind of stuck now, this is hard because I eat lots of food and it's hard to narrow it down so I'll say cheese. I love it in bread, with crackers, on it's own. Just yum, even though I like cheddar and that's about it.

4 Books
I don't think anyone knows who hard this will actually be for me, I'm an avid reader so 4 will be hard. (Don't actually think any one these will be single books D:)

1. I have to say for top spot it had to be both. Lord of the Rings and The harry Potter books, no one will beat these books. HP was my childhood and LOTR my teenage years.

2. Honestly - anything by Stephen King, actually this book - Needful Things (and no this isn't all of his books I have, just a few!). 
He is one of the best writers I have ever heard of and read their books. I would recommend him 10x over because he's fabulous and just so widely recommended by all. Plus his stories do get pretty messed up. 

3. I also really enjoyed the the Inheritance Cycle (first one Eragon got made into a film) even though many people thought the writer to be sucky and too young. I really enjoyed them - mind I love fantasy, dragons and all that. Plus the book covers are amazing!

4. The Hunger Games Trilogy. Now I actually read these BEFORE the whole drama and fangirl over the film. I actually was against seeing the film because I just knew this one would be ruined. I really loved these books but was so disappointed by the ending. I didn't like Peeta all that much, I hope the other films (if.. a big if, they make them *fingers crossed*) live up to the books.
I also didn't actually have these books with this cover, I had the books before the movie ones and other ones were later released ^.^

This was so hard for me to do because I love my books I prefer them to a night out most of the time (I enjoy Spiders!) so for more of my favorite books check out my Goodreads account.

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  1. Loved the Hunger Games books! xo


  2. Helo dear!:)

    I love Stepen Hawking books since I was a kid:)

    Also I follwed via GFC, Twitter,Bloglovin and Hellocoton.

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