9 August 2012

More Baking!

Now I really wanted to post last but I had been ever so busy all day and when I got back home me and my boyfriend then went out to tea and then to cinema and didn't get back till about 2am (we walked home) however we did go and see Ted which was a really good film and we ended up going straight to bed yawn! However we did get up early enough today and did some more baking, we seem to be doing an awful lot but I think it's because we can because his mum isn't in to tell us off :') Anyway we made shortbread and flapjack! They taste incredible too.

I promise later on when I get back to my own house I'll do a proper ~beauty post~ I just haven't had the time the last couple of days :-(

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  1. Oh those look delicious! I love to bake but I haven't in a while. This makes me want to whip something up! :)

    xx Christina

    1. Their were gorgeous, I don't bake a whole lot but when I do I can't seem to stop :-) xo


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