14 August 2012

9 Loves

10 Day 'You' Challenge
10 secrets // 9 places // 8 fears // 7 wants // 6 places // 5 foods
4 books // 3 films // 2 songs // 1 picture of yourself

Now I love a whole lot of things so narrowing it down to just 9 will be pretty hard, but here goes. 

1. Top of the list, books! I adore books, I mean look at my bookshelves for god sakes (this isn't even all of my books)
3. Something you love - my books #photochallenge (Taken with Instagram)

2. Doc Martens, all girls loves shoes and have their favorites, well Doc's are mine. I will literally wear them with anything and everything, their not very girly but I wore them to prom! I will never ever stray from them, their the best.

3. Anything vintage, whether it be cars and motorbikes or clothing. I love it! The whole idea of their fashion and style icons is amazing, for instance the hair styles, how I wish my hair was long enough so I could curl it or do victory rolls. 

4. My boyfriend, yes I'm going to get soppy. It's out 6 months today and well, I love him lots. :-) 

5. Red lipstick, I will wear it with anything. Specially black flicked eye make up, it's my favorite.

6. Shopping like all girls. For books, clothes, make up, stationary. You name it I'll buy it. I like pretty things yet I don't always like spending my money, because I never have any it's dreadful :c I love online shopping the most, I love trawling through websites online and making wishlists, finding discounts. It always works, buying things makes me happy. Specially if it's for someone else.

7. Late nights, I like staying up by myself reading or writing, blogging or just on my laptop. I also like doing it with other people, my boyfriend and friends. Going out, parties, playing board games, watching TV and DVD's. I love staying up to the early hours.

8. Pretty notebooks. I may never use them if I buy them but I love them, I love owning them and I don't even know why. It's a little obsession I guess. I like to collect them and I do eventually use them , it just takes me a little time.

9. I love writing. Whether it be blog posts, my diary or writing letters even though I don't have a pen pal right now I love it. I love getting everything down so I can create memories and remember it. I like re reading things and thinking back to when I wrote what I did. I adore it. I just wish I had a pen pal.

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  1. Hi, I like your blog. Maybe we can follow each other? http://ivonalovefashion.blogspot.com/

  2. Great blog! I'm your new follower. :)

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  3. Ooooh I like this idea, I might have to steal it soon if you don't mind, I need something to do for 10 days to keep me sane! I've nominated you for a blog award, check it out at: http://zombiesweareyeliner.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/the-sunshine-award.html

    Ali xx

    1. Do it! I adore challenge blogs and I love reading peoples idea and posts when they do them :) Thank you ever so much for the nomination:) xo

  4. I want to start this challenge, but I never get around to finishing them, I'm forgetful! I'm the same with books! Mine are everywhere though, because when I moved out I didn't have enough room to take my bookcase with me, so they're stacked on windows and in boxes all over the place :( Notebooks are another thing I collect, I have loads of them that I never use either. I used to be obsessed with buying stationary and then never using it. A cupboard in my hallway has loads of notebooks just lying empty!

    I have seen with a few people that extensions are hard to cover up, but I wear my hair down most days anyway or just in a simple ponytail, so I don't really see that being a problem for me... hopefully xo

    1. Do it's really fun to do and I tend to write my post the day before and schedule it for the next day, just in case I forget :) Wow! I think i need to improve my collection of books and notebooks, sounds like you've got a big hoard:')
      Then they will definitely work I think, it's harder to cover up when your hair is actually styled up I think xo

  5. We may have many things in common! :)


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