21 August 2012

2 Songs

10 Day 'You' Challenge
10 secrets // 9 places // 8 fears // 7 wants // 6 places // 5 foods
4 books // 3 films // 2 songs // 1 picture of yourself

Little apology first in this post. I'm sorry all I've been posting is this daft challenge. I've been terribly busy this week and haven't had time to do any 'normal posts'. I also have a job interview tomorrow(!!) and it's my result's day on Thursday so expect even more personal posts, again very sorry. After Thursday I will get down to the more beauty side of things here because hopefully I'll have money. Anyway on with the challenge! 

1. Rock the Casbah - The Clash.
God I love this song, I first heard it 'properly' on my first (illegal) night out and it's been one of my favorites ever sinc always it has a good memory of a fab night out for me, which is ever better :-)

2. This is a hard one but I'll pick Hope - The Blackout.
They are such a good band, full of amazing friendly members and always they are so damn good live! This song especially because well I just like it a whole lot. I adore acoustic music as well so I choose the acoustic version.

This was really hard because I haven't included some of my favorites bands like The Candle Thieves and such so if you want to know more chekc out my last.fm.

Also asking for a little advice here, can anyone help me with putting pictures side by side each other in a blog post? I do have some methods but their not all that great and well google's not much help either. So please?

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  1. Good luck in your job interview tomorrow!! I adore The Blackout too. Their acoustic song are beautiful, I love The Last Goodbye and also, I don't even know I love all of them! :) I can't wait for their new album!

    I wish you lots of luck on Thursday too!
    Mia x

    1. Thank you so much heh :D I know it just sounds so amazing, their albums always do.
      Thanks :d
      Elle xo


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