23 August 2012

D-Day - GCSE Results

So like many around the country today, I got my GCSE results, had a bad nights sleep like everyone did and was up bright and early only to find that we couldn't collect them till 10:30am, not to brag but I'm quite a smart kid. I study hard and I love certain subjects (*cough English*) so I was worried to an extent but overall, I knew I wouldn't be that disappointed (I swear I'm not bragging I just put 110% in my grades) and well.. I wasn't!! Most of you probably already know because of twitter but hey why not make a blog post of it as well as an outfit post? :)
dress - primark // blazer - next // black boots (not shown) - beasley's

I think the scariest moment for me was actually walking up to the table to collect my big enevolpe full of results, not even opening them was scary, I knew I had to get it over and done with! Thank god I had my boyfriend and best friend (also collecting her results) there for moral support. I was overall, pretty pleased with my results, one I wasn't too happy with but that was through no fault of my own (the exam board got a little shitty and marked everyone down on the exam of my diploma) but I have the right grades to go to college so I can't complain!

Overall I got :
10 A's 
7 B's
3 C's
I got the A in English and R.E I wanted and also a distinction (A*/A) in my Art BTEC where me and my friend created these bad boys;
So overall I'm pretty chuffed with my results and all my family are so proud of me and my brother (I have a twin! Also I got so many GCSE's because I did 3/4 BTEC's were you get 2 GCSE's per subject).

This is the only blog for today though as within the next half an hour my dad is taking me and my brother out to celebrate in Frankie and Bennie's and so will the rest of my family for the next week, everyone wants to go out for a meal and treat me and my brother, so hey why not. I also get money from a company within my city because me and other students have done so well, wow!

So I'll leave it here and just say how happy I genuinely am with my results. All that's left now is my job (!!) induction tomorrow and then I enroll at college next Tuesday - oh what an exciting few days this has been. Thank you everyone for the 'good lucks' and 'congratulations' they've been giving me. It means a whole lot and finally after 5 years of hard work at school I can finally say I've left.. ~properly~ .

So I had a lovely meal at Frankie and Bennies, I've just got back and I am full to the brim, wow they do good pizzas! Also look at the amazing dessert me and my brother shared (mmh brownies!)


  1. Well done thats amazing! Your art projects really amazing too so good xx

  2. You deserved that A* in art, amazing.
    My art teacher was never in school so we hardly did anything so i managed to scrape a B, your projects were way better than mine wow :')
    Well done, woo! xx

    1. Thank you ever so much, our teacher specially trained in sculpture and got his degree in it, guess I was just lucky to have him heh xx


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