16 August 2012

Top 8 iPhone Apps

Now everyone loves their phones don't they? It's always glued to their hands and it's their absolute baby and without it they would be totally lost. I'm definitely no different. I've gone from phone to phone like any other normal teenager, dropping them, smashing them and submerging them in water. I've done it all. From smartphone to normal keypad phone I've had them. Even since being little I always wanted an iPhone it became like a sort of dream and I finally got one last year! I sold off my HTC Cha Cha, used £100 Christmas money (I borrowed it at first) and bought my 3GS 8G black iPhone and I don't think I'll ever go back, I'm hooked on iPhones. It's always in my hand and I'm always checking it, I've had this phone since last August and I don't think I'll stray, not even to the newer iPhones yet, I just love the look of the 3GS's, their so cute and small and well round that's my favorite bit. Most of my family have them too it's official we're apple geeks and we love it. And I think it's about time I shared my favorite apps.

I mean learning what other people use on their phones might just give you some idea for your phone, after all you might be looking for an app or wanting to try one out but never bothered.

8. Bus Timetable
Now this isn't an app but something I find useful. I am forever catching buses and the fact you can add a little bookmark to your iPhone like 'homepage' among your apps is really neat also the fact I can store them all together in a little category

7. Amazon
Now this was a free little app, I enjoy this because I like scanning books and films into it that I can add to my wishlist and then later look at, it's a handy little gadget, plus I can order things when I'm on the move.

6. School Timetable
Now this was a very simple add I downloaded while still at school so I could keep track of my time table every day without having to get out my big planner. Which I can also use at college which is very helpful and it's also free :)

5. Foursquare
Now pretty much everyone's on here, checking in at different places. To be honest I don't even know why I do, I enjoy it and other times I guess I just do well do it? It;s like an everyday thing and sometimes when you're the mayor of places like restaurants you can get offers and such.

4. Goodreads
I read a whole lot of books and I guess I like to keep track of what I read and I also like to set my goals of books to read. This is the perfect app for this because I also use the website

3. Pic Stitch
There are so many good apps out there for putting photo's together, sadly they all cost something and for someone with literally no one and not a good paying job I had to find a free one. And I did, this has everything offered to me that I'm happy with and I love it. Very simple and easy to use, theirs even a pro version but I'm happy for now with this one.

2. Twitter
Everyone has twitter, even people's pets have twitter! So I though oh go on I'll download it for my iPhone (I already had it on my iPod) and I have to admit it's okay. I've used other Titter clients and preferred them yet they never get updated and always lack something (Tweetdeck!) so I always come back to this one. It's free and very easy/simple to use. It's an okay app with it's faults such as it being slow and always crashing but I guess I can out up with it, it tweets so I can speak to people so it's all good.

1. Instagram Now this was one of the first apps besides twitter I downloaded. I adore it. Back when I had a HTC Instagram wasn't available yet and well I couldn't really wait so I got an iPhone and Instagram and I'll tell you what I love it. It's a social networking site where you can take pictures and edit them and upload them. You can also follow people and they can follow you which is really lovely because you see lots of interesting stuff that people post. I would full recommend this app to anyone wanting apps to download for their iPhone if they haven't already got it.

I obviously have a few other apps I use but I guess their not worth mentioning. Their not all that great.

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