18 August 2012

It's All About Checkers

Another outfit post for you my lovelies! Now this one isn't all that amazing but I was slightly rushing but I though my outfit was very cute and I wanted to share it with you. Hope you enjoy.

shirt - next // shoes - matalan // watch - one of my mums // jeans - primark 

Yes I know the picture quality is awful and so is the editing but trust me it looks better this way. I'm still really working on my outfit posts, it's really hard considering they only good place to take my photos would be outside but there's nowhere to put my camera because I don't have a tripod (someone recommend one at at good price? :c ) and all I can do is take pictures in my big mirrors and hope that they work out.

Anyway I finally got my little present off my boyfriend for our small anniversary. He got me the Evenstar (if you don't know what that is, it's something kind of important from Lord of the Rings ^.^) It's not amazing movie quality but it's the thought that counts and I certainly wouldn't change this one.
Also I got my nails done yay! Not professionally either, I got them done for freeee. Please bear in mind I have tiny hands which results in small fingers and even smaller nails so the pattern does look a little messy but it's only the first proper go at nail art. 
For my nails I used these colors
red - collection 2000 // black - maybelline NY // dark blue - george
turquoise - miss sporty // yellow - miss sporty

Best thing is I didn't even have to do them, I feel like a really poor excuse of a girl admitting this but my boyfriend did them. He has a really steady hand (he paints war hammer ugh!) and kind of well offered to do them for me because he said they'll look really pretty and so he did.

Here's a question for all you readers, would you let your other half paint your nails? And if not why?

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  1. Yeah I would, not that he would want too.
    They are pretty :-) xo

    1. Thanks :) I don't think many guys would want too, to be honest :') xo

  2. i love your blog sweety, do you mind following each other?

  3. I love your style! :) I followed you already you might wanna follow back? http://ytagayuna.blogspot.com/


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