7 January 2015

Well, Clarice - have the lambs stopped screaming?

So while I was away on my little blogging holiday I turned 19. It wasn't a big affair, just drinks and food with family and friends. However my present to myself was something a little larger. If you were reading my blog back when I turned 18 I celebrated by getting a tattoo (Jack & Sally to be correct) and that started the tradition. Last year I didn't disappoint (just my mum maybe oops!) and I ended up getting a huge moth done, which was inspiried by the Thomas Harris book & film 'Silence of the Lambs.'
Now this baby isn't finished yet, I decided to be a baby and tapped out nearly half way through colour. But not to fear I'm getting this finished on the 12th on Jan, so yes I am super scared but I'm determined to get it finished! It's just so super pretty. This picture is about 8hrs after I left the studio.

I've also decided to book in for 2 roses, one on either foot. I hope they aren't as painful ha! :-)
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6 January 2015

Mac or Art Deco?

Now I know there's plenty of people out there that love MAC lipsticks, I've read countless reviews myself about every red shade under the sun and finally decided to get one for myself. I was also bought a lipstick from Art Deco a couple of weeks later which was also in a beautiful red colour. I love both of these lipsticks, however they both have their pros and cons.
 photo DSC_9248_zpsd87957ea.jpg
 photo DSC_9251_zps2d585095.jpg
The MAC shade I bought is - Ruby Woo (matte) and the Art Deco shade is from the Dita Von Teese special range so I'm not entirely sure of the shade. Either way they both look fab on.

I love this lipstick purely because it's MAC and every girl needs to own at least one of these lipsticks in their lifetime. The colouring of this one in particular is gorgeous, it's a deep red that looks good both on the lips and in the tube, plus its smells amaaaazing. The best thing about this lippy is the shape, it easily fits in any purse and looks even better, the little bullet shape is probably the best selling point for MAC (in my opinion!). The only qualm about this lipstick is the finish. Now every lippy I buy is always in the matte finish because there's nothing worse than bleeding lipstick and I don't really like how shiny red lipstick looks on me. I normally get on with all matte finish lipsticks I buy, however this is just too dry!!! 

For example, if I'm wearing it to go out in, I'll apply it and then maybe half an hour later my lips are sticking together and even when reapplying it makes my lips stick. Even with lip liner and lip balm underneath it sticks like a bitch. But hey maybe it's just me and I can't get on with it? Still I wear it because the colour is too pretty to keep locked up in that little tube.  photo DSC_9272_zps5598bd90.jpg

Now I am a little biased with this lippy as it's everything I've ever wanted (including the finish!). The colour is yet again a deep red, a little brighter than the MAC's Ruby Woo. The finish is incredible, unlike MAC it doesn't dry my lips out. It'll still moist on the lips for a good couple of hours and sometimes when out I don't even re-apply as the colour sticks for an age. The only qualm with this lippy is once smudged that's it. It's ALL over my face, meaning I've gotta be super careful when applying. I tend to wear this lippy when I'm going out with friends or drinking, the MAC one to me is more of an everyday lippy as it's not as bright. 
 photo DSC_9277_zps33380404.jpg
Both lipsticks are within hands reach on on dressing table, meaning I'm always using one of them. It just depends on the day. Both lipsticks retail at £15.50 (MAC) and around £15+ (Art Deco) meaning for me their both luxuries but both of them fab! 

I just don't think I could pick one as a favorite... 
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4 January 2015

High Hopes for 2015

Hi boys and girls! It feels like an age since I've seen you all. Yes this is one of those posts introducing my comeback. It seems for maybe the last 6 months I've gone off the radar completely, with all social media including this blog. Well let me tell you, a LOT has happened in the past few months. Obviously it's been the normal Christmas & New Year celebrations but I've got a few of my own to tell you about.

I started a new job at an Internet provider in my home town, it's a great job full of the most wonderful people ever, it gives me my weekends and nights back to do with as I please. Meaning I can come home from work and read that book or blog. It has also given me the funds to be a little naughty with some high end products (heh!)

Sadly I did say goodbye to Tom last year, it was mutual as we had been growing apart for months, no hard feelings there. And like everyone always says "New year new me!" this goes for everything not just relationships. I've taken it upon myself to change my lifestyle, all areas included. I haven't set resolutions as such, just like 'to-dos' for myself to keep up with. Such as;
  1. loose some weight, not loads just to tone up and feel better.
  2. get back blogging!
  3. travel more (Rome first!)
  4. read more (at least 50 books this year!)
I promise to myself and to you guys there will be more posts on this little space of the internet, I've got lots planned and lots of time to do them all in! I will say now my posts are going to graduate slightly away from beauty, I get bored reading reviews so writing them would be even harder! The books however, are here to stay. 

From me and my favorite author, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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