4 January 2015

High Hopes for 2015

Hi boys and girls! It feels like an age since I've seen you all. Yes this is one of those posts introducing my comeback. It seems for maybe the last 6 months I've gone off the radar completely, with all social media including this blog. Well let me tell you, a LOT has happened in the past few months. Obviously it's been the normal Christmas & New Year celebrations but I've got a few of my own to tell you about.

I started a new job at an Internet provider in my home town, it's a great job full of the most wonderful people ever, it gives me my weekends and nights back to do with as I please. Meaning I can come home from work and read that book or blog. It has also given me the funds to be a little naughty with some high end products (heh!)

Sadly I did say goodbye to Tom last year, it was mutual as we had been growing apart for months, no hard feelings there. And like everyone always says "New year new me!" this goes for everything not just relationships. I've taken it upon myself to change my lifestyle, all areas included. I haven't set resolutions as such, just like 'to-dos' for myself to keep up with. Such as;
  1. loose some weight, not loads just to tone up and feel better.
  2. get back blogging!
  3. travel more (Rome first!)
  4. read more (at least 50 books this year!)
I promise to myself and to you guys there will be more posts on this little space of the internet, I've got lots planned and lots of time to do them all in! I will say now my posts are going to graduate slightly away from beauty, I get bored reading reviews so writing them would be even harder! The books however, are here to stay. 

From me and my favorite author, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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  1. Welcome back hun! I've missed your blogging antics, good to see you back again :) xx

    1. Thank you muchly! Let's hope I'm here to stay xx


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