1 September 2012

Frangipane Tarts!

Yet again I'm blogging about baking so this means I'm staying at Tom's!  It's literally the only time I bake. I know I'm not very fashion/beauty orientated but I haven't had many ideas, sorry! 
We decided on something a little different this time around, we got bored of flapjack so we decided on Frangipanes, which is basically loads of mixture put into a tart base with a load of jam added. They taste absolutely amazing, first time I've ever had them and wow. Fresh out of the oven red hot - nothing better! So here I will tell you what you need to and how to make them :)

What You Will Need
6 small but deep shortcrust pastry cases // 1 egg // 100g ground almonds
100g butter // 90g caster sugar // 1 orange (we didn't add this, we didn't have one)
1 tablespoon of vanilla extract or paste // about half a jar of good quality jam
1 tub of cream (if wanted) to serve
So first we weighed out all of our ingredients and put them all in a bowl together. We the cracked an egg and together with the extract we whisked them together and added it to the mix. While doing this we also set out our pastry cases, (we only had 5 left over from the pack) on a baking tray because we would need them as soon as everything was mixed together.
After everything had been mixed together we spooned a small amount of jam into the bottom of the pastry cases and remember to spread it out evenly.
After this we spooned in a small amount of the mixture onto of the jam in the cases and also smoothed this out carefully. 
We then added more jam onto of this layer and then more of the mix. Now they were ready for the oven! Bake them at 180 for about 18 minutes until they are golden brown.
(Don't worry about the mess on the bottom left, we had left over mixture so we plonked some jam in the middle and well, this happened).
Anyway this was the finished result! They don't look amazing and yes they bubbled over slightly, but they tasted amazing. Especially if they had been left to cool for around 15 minutes yet they were still warm inside and basically melted in your mouth. For anyone who's an avid baker of just likes to try new things I full recommend you make some of these! They are easy and simple and taste amazing.  Also we got the recipe out of Jamie Oliver's 30 minute meals :)

What's your favorite to bake? 
And if not, what's your favorite dessert?

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