7 September 2012

Beauty Vs Brains - Tag (loooong)

 Okay so I saw this on Helen's blog and also Ali's blog (who are both amazing by the way!) and I thought 'Oh man I HAVE  to try this!' so here I am, I always love doing stuff like this, mainly the filling in bit so I hope you enjoy! Apparently it was originally from 'Sprinkle of Glitter's youtube' channel and I love nosying at people's responses so I thought people might have liked to see mine so here we are. It tells you to tag people so I tag all of my readers/followers, I want to have a little nosy at your posts so go ahead and do it!
And away we go..
What is your favorite book?
Man this is such a hard one, because I love books of all genres so I think I may have to say a few! I adore the 'Girl with a Dragon Tattoo;' trilogy by Stieg Larsson, I adore nearly all of Stephen King's book but also Dracula! It was one of the first, truly good vampire books I had ever read and I could read it over and over and still love it. I love it that much I'm contemplating doing my Lit coursework on it!
What motto's do you like saying a lot?
Well to be quote honest I don't think I actually have any 'mottos' there are certain lines of books I really enjoy such as;
"Not all those who wander are lost."
"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live."
"To the well -organized mind, death is but the next great adventure." - of of my favorites!
"There is more treasure in books then in all the pirates loot on treasure island."
I pretty much missed the aim of this question but these quotes mean a lot to me and I think 'influence' me quite a bit in my life. I also really adore the one Helen used - "It's not the ending unless it's happily ever after."

Which do you prefer: English or Maths?
English! All the way, I hate the way maths messes with your mind because there will always be one right answer whereas in English you can have so many different answers and interpretations. Also ever since being little I've always wanted to write.  Hence double English at A Level :')

Which do you prefer: Science or Art?
I actually really enjoy both subjects but I have reasons for disliking both! Science is so fun with the experiments but also everything you learn and with Art you can get amazing outcomes by doing a simple method. But Science can get incredibly dull. I think I'll pick Art, despite my family being nowhere near art simply because I had the most amazing ART teacher in Year 11 and he was the best ever, let us make sculptures and helped me to get a Distinction in my Art BTEC (2 A's) Thank's Steve! (Plus he's a huge Transformers fan ^.^)

Name 5 albums/musical artists that have changed you life.
 Now I adore music and I do in some cases believe music can 'save' and 'change' peoples lives depending on their situation. Like I have certain artists that pick up me up when I'm feeling down so I'll name a few.

The Candle Thieves - Literally all of their albums, they are an amazing acoustic group. I've spent the last year or so listening to them and even had the amazing pleasure of meeting them and also seeing them alive. My favorites would have to be 'Stars' and also 'Balloons #1, #2, #3'. So amazing!

The Blackout - Hope: Now I've also had the pleasure of seeing these amazing guys several times and also the pleasure of speaking to the 2 front men Gavin & Sean and they are the loveliest guys ever! Also this song well it doesn't mean a great deal to me, however it's a fab song. I think it's the title alone, 'Hope' just fills me with well... Hope.

My Chemical Romance - Man I feel like a loser admitting I like this band because everyone seems to dislike them now but I kinda had a hard time just as I got into my teenage years and well this was the band I would always listen to, back when they were in their 'emo' stage with The Black Parade I'd feel like, man I can do this because I have these guys and their music, so I'll be ok! I also got to see them in 2011 for the first time in February and again in August and wow, my inner 13 year old was screaming.

The Clash - Rock The Casbah: No word of a lie one of my favorite songs, on my first (yes illegal) night out this was playing and me and my best friend and boyfriend were all a little drunk in Spiders and we had such a good night and from that I remember this song so whenever I play I think back to that bight and think 'Wow I had such a good night, I never want to forget' it was honestly one of the best nights ever. 

I can't actually think of anymore, it's quite hard because I have so many favorite bands and songs! 

What were your favorite and least favorite subjects at school?
Like I said above I adored English and have always wanted a career in it! However I did dislike it at some points due to an awful teacher that pretty much hated my guts but I pretty much got straight A'd all the time so it wasn't all that bad! I also really enjoyed History, I never really told anyone but Hitler and World Wars 1 & 2 really did interest me! I hated Maths, I just found it so difficult, same with PE I'm just not a very fit person! I disliked it and was just way too lazy for my own good. Also in my last year of school I adored Art (when in my first few years I hated it!) simple because I had an amazing teacher and a pretty good work scheme because we looked at Controversial artists! Also another hate French! I was actually quite good at it, had a lovely teacher but I sucked at speaking it and also I just lacked motivation, it just got boring after spending all of high school doing it. 

Who is your favorite celebrity with a brain?
Do the cast of Top gear count, I mean they always seem to be pretty smart on their challenges and they are hilarious. But I'll go ahead and say Stephen Fry because he never fails to make me laugh and he always seems to be there in the thick of everything and also he did some of the harry Potter audio books! Other them these I don't actually know what celebrities 'have brains' I'd like to say the actors of Gandalf and Dumbledore but I'm not too sure if their brainy. 

What is your nerdy little secret?
My nerdy little secret, well I'm a bookworm, a gamer! I watch DVD's all the time and I actually love learning about 'different' religions such as Wicca and Paganism, I adore it. I haven't had chance to fully study But I do have a few books. I also adore how peoples brains work and what influence them, mainly serial killers. Yes morbid I know but imagine getting inside the mind of Hannibal 'the cannibal' Lecture! He seems so in control of himself all the time it's as if he's not insane at all. Also One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Girl Interrupted, need I say more?

Who are your favorite beauty/fashion gurus whom you admire more for than just their beauty/fashion sense?
Now this is kinda really hard because I don't know of many. However I adore Fearne Cotton, she has an amazing style but she's also really down to Earth and so gorgeous although people are mean to her. I also love Paloma faith, I know she isn't a fashion guru mainly because she's so wacky but that's what I love about her. She's so unique and individual that it draws me to her and I'm just like 'wow I wish I had the guts'. Also Dita Von Teese, she is amazingly gorgeous, beautiful and has the most amazing dress sense ever! 

If you could study anything, anywhere, what and where would you study?
I would LOVE to study Psychology/Sociology in New York, seeing how all of these high business people work on a daily level every single day of the week. I would also love to study in London, with all the bust people and the busy streets. I also would love to study English in more depth rather then just for a teaching level! Also to me Law seems like something amazing to study but the amount of dedication people give ti it, I don't think I'd be able to cut it!

If your blog wasn't about beauty/fashion, what would it be about?
Mainly lifestyle! Me blabbing on about my life, what I've done each day, What books I've read and films I've seen. Endless lists of things I generally want or want to watch/read. It would be ever so personal with everything but view-able for the public. Also how amazing would a travel or cooking blog be? I wish I had the money seriously! 

Name something you are obsessed with that other people would find nerdy?
God I love reading books and watching older films. I also love reading Japanese manga! But also I love EVERYTHING vintage not just clothes! Bikes, houses, places, furtniture, honestly everything it makes me so happy to see things about it. I also have a small weird obbession with history but more importantly vampires and Dracula, if I could go to Translevia or Romaina and study their history in depth on this subjects I would jump at the chance! I also adore Greek Mythology and the Ancient Egyptians! 

Name 5 people, excluding friends and family, that inspire you.
Man this is actually a hard one because I'm not entirely sure on who inspires me.

Okay lets say, authors in general but over all JK Rowling and Stephen King. JK for the reason that after submitting the first draft of the Philosophers stone nearly 11 times (I think) to publishers and she finally got published and look where she is today, look what became of harry Potter!

Stephen King simply because he works and works and always produces the amazing fiction I read. Also after the near death experience he had, he just kept writing! Such dedication.

J.R.R Tolkien. What an amazing man! I mean he lives in the 20th century which meant there wasn't a lot of imagination around and things were pretty much shunned. Yet in this environment he managed to produce one of the biggest selling trilogies every that then turned into 3 amazing films. I think if he saw where he was today, which The Hobbit film coming out soon, he would be shocked.

Marilyn Monroe - I adore her, she was gorgeous and in her time 'a plus size mode' I think that took amazing amounts of guts for her. Yes she had her problems and they ended up killing her but in the end she was only human.

Who will you tag?
I tag each and every single one of my followers and readers. I love reading these posts by people so I please ask you to leave your posts (if you do it) in a comment below so I can have a nosy! I love reading about people so much, I bet you're all so interesting.

Also I hope you guys have all had a lovely Friday!

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  1. The Blackout and MCR? I didn't know you could possibly be more amazing, you're gonna have to control it! :P So jealous I haven't seen MCR yet but The Blackout guys are so great both studio and live :D xx

    1. Aw wow yay! Their my absolute favorites, heh they are very good but I have to say I prefer TBO :) xo


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