5 September 2012

Skull Bracelet by Sawyer & Scout

You may have seen them on the high street shops shelves, rope bracelets with skulls? Nearly everywhere have them, at such silly prices. Why pay £5 for one when you can pay £3. One day while I was reading through blogs, in an entry I came across Sawyer & Scout's little online shop and I thought I'd have a gander. I always love home made jewlery and everything was just amazing! Some of my favorite pieces have to include;
deathly hallows pendant // mini potions necklace
bunny stud earrings (my faves!) // colored skull bracelet
Literally everything you can buy off this shop can be changed, whether it  be colors and things you want. Plus everything is reasonably priced, nothing is no more then £10 and it's so worth it! Puss they offer free UK delivery, yay no more p&p fees. Now let me show you the gorgeous little item that arrived in the post for me today!
look at the cute little packaging it came in, and I got a lovely message from Erin with my parcel! :)
I paid £3 for this little gem and you can get it in grey, yellow, brown cream.
I'm telling you go check them out! They have some lovely products and a sale currently on so I guarantee you'll find something. It's also great for gifts. If I could I'd pretty much spend all of my money here, everything it just so lovely. It quick, easy and simple. Payments made through paypal :)

You can find them:
Also to contact them you can email them @ eliseetc@hotmail.co.uk

I hope you find something you like, I know I did!

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  1. This is such a lovely post thank you! So glad you like the bracelet and I'll pop you on the 'ASO' page soon :) xx


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