2 September 2012

August Favorites

So another end of the month gone I see! Where has August gone, literally?! It's now the 2nd of September and wow, this year has flown. Anyway, I've never actually done a monthly favorites post, mainly because I've never used quite enough products to love but I though 'hey why not!' My favorite parts for this month has to be getting my results and actually getting into college as well as finding a part time job! Over the moon I am, but also my college shopping, which you will all see later this week. Anyway roll on September and whatever it brings with it! 
Sublime Star Flowers & Pomegranate Shower Cream
Now I've been buying this a lot recently due to being away from home on holiday and staying over places and such. Normally I just buy a cheap shower gel and I'm done with it. But we've had this at my house for a while and I thought oh I'll just get this a try it. It smells amazing, it goes on and lathes up lovely even with the smallest amount. 

Soap & Glory Mist You Madly
I've had this since February this year and use it every day almost and it's still not empty. I'm normally a perfume girl but when I was bought this for Valentine's I couldn't help using it in place of perfume. It's a sweet girly smelling body spray that stays on for hours it seems. I'm not great with expensive products but this is cheap for the time it lasts!

MUA Glitter Ball Palette
Now everyone has been raving over MUA's 'Heaven and Earth' palette which I haven't had chance to use yet. I bought this on a whim, all the colors looked really nice and glittery. And it paid off, the colors go on really nicely, not too thick and blend really well with other colors on the palette, also they stay on quite well during the day. Perfect for everyday eye make up. 

MUA Red Lipstick - Shade 13
This was also bought on a whim, I've never actually fully used a lipstick but this one is one it's way. Simple and easy to apply, no smudges and stays on quite a while. However after applying it all the time during the day it does start to run a a little but what can you expect from a £1 lipstick? It's perfect for a vibrant shade for everyday use, I know I use it pretty much every day.

Collection 2000 'Fake Lashes' Mascara
This is a daily use for me too, even with no eye make up or powder I apply this and it alone spruces up my face. I have naturally long lashes anyway but this makes them look even nice. The price is quite reasonable and this has lasted me quite long, so I can't complain about it. My favorite mascara to date. The first one I had was a gift and I'm so glad I received it. 

Now on to the blogs I've been loving this month...
Daily Hoot is run by an amazing girl called Vicky. She blogs life, wishlists, beauty and fashion. I adore her posts, I always enjoy reading them because their interesting, informative and just lovely to read. I found this through a Liebester nominated when I first started blogging and followed straight away. She seems like a lovely girl and even with the age gap she seems like a really easy girl to get along with. Vicky can be found here
Futures is run by a lovely girl called Bex. I only recently started following this lovely blog this month but I love every single post. I especially enjoy 'Love, Like Loathe' which she runs every Monday and get other bloggers to do and link up, which I really enjoy doing. I found her through another bloggers twitter. She blogs about life, make up and cosmetics and her posts are really well written and intresting to read. Bex can be found here.

What blogs and products have you been loving this month?

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  1. Ooh the Glitter Ball palette looks so pretty, this is definitely the next MUA palette I want to try xx

    1. It's amazing I adore it and am forever using it xo

  2. An MUA palette was in my August Favourites too! They're fab! :)

    vividskies.blogspot.co.uk x

    1. I know, I've just ordered their 'undressed' one, so excited for it's arrival! :) x


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