8 September 2012

Hello Instagram 02

If I'm not normally on here or twitter you can always find me on Intsagram so here is my week of pictures!
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i liked my hair that day // favorite tv show // library and new bracelet! // first day of college outfit
 these taste so nice omg // college timetable  // most treasure possession // skinhead molly \m/

I also went out today with my dad to celebrate his 40th birthday, my so old. So you can all  have some pictures from that too.

drinking some yummy pear cider // my outfit for my dad's 40th // cake!!!

So turns out I had a lovely day, instead of going out for a meal for my dad's birthday we ended up having a lovely BBQ at my grandma's which mean my boyfriend and also my brother girlfriend got to come. Which was very lovely, I got to see my lovely little brother as well too. So there you have it, my week in photos. I know there aren't that many, well I haven't exactly had time, all with college, first week went like a flash! And also work, but payday is on Tuesday so expect a post on my new goodies I buy!

What have you all been up to this week?

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  1. Friends is definitely the best tv programme there is, ever was and will ever be. Unfortunately I don't have instagram but that is pretty much the only reason I want an iphone haha

    1. Hah instagram? Apart from needing a new smartphone it was the only reason I got my iPhone and the fact I love apple. You can get instagram on any new smart phone though! :) xo

  2. Lovely post! Your week seemed to be a lot more interesting than mine haha x


  3. Wow Molly is gorgeous! What a cute little doggie!!


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