4 September 2012

College Induction OOTD & EOTD

Okay so yesterday and today's afternoon was my college enrollment (massive waste of time) however I thought this would be a chance to show off one of my outfits for college and also the make up I matched with it - please note that doing eye shadow is not one of my strong points, I just like pretty colors. 
For today i though I'd whack out my new army jacket, one of the current phases everyone's going through. Now when I say I like vintage I mean it, this jacket (I think) was actually worn by someone in the US Army and also had a name tag on until it got ripped off, anyway on to the pictures!
shorts - h&m // tights & top - primark 
jacket - beazleys // bag - beazleys

I really do like this jacket, I've only worn it twice since I got it and I've fallen in love, it only cost me £15 too! However on to my make up of the day! 
For this I the Glitter ball palette and the shades I used shade 3 on the top row and shade 6 also on the top row. I also used 'Big fake Lashes' by Collection 2000 and I also used their pressed powder in Ivory. AS you can see it's quite plain. All I did was put a coat of sliver on top first and then went over the the green. After this I just added a tiny amount of silver just above the green! For my lashes I just added 2 coats of my Collection 2000 and that was it. I agree not my best makeup but I really liked it.
I adore the way MUA's eyeshadow's go on, how about you? Have you tried this Glitter ball (or any other) palettes?

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  1. Love the jacket. The whole outfit is lovely, and the bright eyeshadow makes the whole look girly despite the army jacket! :D

    Hope your induction went well, sweets. :) xx

    1. Aw wow thank you ever so much and it did thank you! :) xo

  2. Ooh, you got the real deal then...it must be so weird thinking your jacket could've been on the battlefield! It looks great xx

    1. Thank you and I know thinking about it this way is so creepy omg xx

  3. Whereee oh whereee did you get the jacket? That outfit is perfect omg x

    1. I'm afraid to say only a shop over here in Hull sells them because their 'vintage' sorry, you may be able to pick one up online though! :) xo


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