27 March 2013

I'm Not Afraid ♡

Now today I have something a little more personal for you all.
As you may have seen across the social networking sites, My Chemical Romance have split up, not for a hiatus, this time for good.

I may not have mentioned these guys much since I started this blog but they still play an important part in my life. MCR are known for their huge fan base and dedicated fans - 'MCRmy' and yes I'm one of them. Also they are known as the band that 'will save your life' and for many people including myself, they did. They didn't literally 'save' me but everyone has dark and horrible times and in those this band picked me up and taught me to really love myself and to not give up. They changed me and made me the person I am today.

Now I was a late comer to the band, my brother originally was hooked on them and went to see them after the release of the Black Parade and I (now) am gutted I never went with him, at that one point I didn't know what an impact they would make. So I started to listen and I was hooked, it was the first albums that I really loved, just complete punk and it was amazing. 

However The Black Parade was the one for me, as a young teenager the album really spoke to me as it did to many other teenagers, it helped us fight our demons, we fought back! It told us not to give in and to never ever lose hope. Many of us know about what the lead singer faced and I thought it he can do it, so can I! However Danger days told me something, it was the end of an era. The band had grown up and they were all so damn happy! 

I know the band have had some really tough times and this last blow was it, it finally stopped them. But let me just say their music is amazing and will continue to be amazing. I have had the amazing pleasure of seeing these guys in the flesh twice, not only that but for my 15th birthday I had Mikey Way wish me and happy birthday (over the phone). I know people don't like him, including myself right now but I had the chance to speak to one of of my heroes. And, I took it.

Thanks guys for making your music, and making the last 12 or so years absolutely damn perfect. I don't listen to you as much as I did, but I'm going to go old school and miss you guys a hell of a lot!
I was just so close.

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  1. I wasn't a fan of theirs but it is ALWAYS beyond heartbreaking when one of your favourite bands break up. I'm really surprised they did, I mean I didn't follow them at all but wasn't expecting this. The good thing is you still have all the great music they made and you'll always have the knowledge that this band helped you through some really hard times and helped you become the person you are today.


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