9 February 2013

Date Night! | OOTD

Dress - Cameo Rose @ New Look
Shoes - New Look
Gloves - eBay
Bracelet - Pandora 
Bag - Matalan

So last Tuesday night me and my boyfriend decided to go out for a meal (pizza hut!) just like we did this time last year and I decided to make a huge effort for him and this is what I threw on as well as a great deal of make up. I had the chance to so why not!

I decided to include my gloves in this post because I'd only just got them in the post Monday and I absolutely adore them, they are the comfiest gloves and the warmest in the whole world! Also this dress is my absolute favorite, as is the bag, oh and the shoes! Here you can pretty much see 3 of my most worn and favorite items! 

Have a nice weekend! 


  1. You look gorgeous, hope you enjoyed your pizza x

  2. You look so pretty & that dress is lovely!
    Natalie xx

  3. You look gorgeous Elle!
    that dress is lushh xx


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