5 February 2013

hello instagram 15

1. Stripped my hair and it decided to be more blonde // 2. Made my phone all cute // 3. Such a tearjerker // 4. Pizza night in staying at Tom's // 5. Rare day where my make up makes an appearance // 6. Cannot believe it's been this long! // 7. My wallpaper is just perfect // 8. Warm & Comfy woolly dress // 9. Best purchase of 2013 so far

This isn't really a full weeks worth of photos just a random selection from the past few weeks as I've been behind with all my posts, silly college! I've got lots coming up in the next week and I wanted to share these photos with you first. I spent a few nights at my boyfriends which is always lovely. I decided on a full face of make up to college, tiring! I also read my (new) favorite book this week, I suggest you all purchase and read  it, it's probably perfect.

These coming weeks I have events coming up!!
Half term at college, it couldn't come at a better time.
Valentine's Day which is my 1 year anniversary with my Tom, hoping for wonderful things.
My Grandma's 60th birthday which means a night out and a lovely meal to follow! 
Also this week I got a little closer to realizing what kind of career I want, I'm really hoping for something within Psychology, so I better buckle down with work!
How's your week been so far?


  1. The Fault In Our Stars is definitely on my reading list, the plot sounds so good (or rather sad). Omg, how did you do that to your phone?! It looks so cute!

    1. I used an app called Coco App and it creates a short cut for you (doesn't replace the app) it takes a while to do but it's worth it :) Read it! It's amazing x

  2. Love that red jumper! Red really suits you in both jumper & lippy!
    Love your blog, now following :) xx

    1. Why thank you very much for the follow :) x

  3. I just loved reading The Fault in our Stars. Anything by John Green is an addictive tearjerker (:


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