22 February 2013

Life Update; College

I am now just over 6 months into college and I am totally loving it so far! My subjects are wonderful and my teachers even better. I love the fact we get so much freedom too, sitting drinking hot chocolate in my breaks is the best thing ever. However my exams are kind looming so much closer! My first one is sometime is May which is just a little too scary for me however I wanted to share something with you all that I feel ever so proud of. 
I know everyone's probably already seen this (if you follow me on instagram) but I'm just ever so happy. Originally my paper had be graded at a C which I thought wasn't too bad and I knew I could do better. However having only dropped 15 marks the % seemed terribly low. Turns out my teacher realized she had worked it out wrong and my grade went up to an A!

 In no way shape am I trying to show off, this was the first ever practice paper I've ever done for Psychology since starting the subject and I'm ever so proud of myself, as is everyone around me. This is the subject I hope to have a career within as I get older so this is a big confidence boost (it's kind of a hard subject yanoo) and thanks to everyone who have already ~congratulated me~ I just hope it wasn't an easy paper.


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