23 February 2013

What's in My bag; Sixth Form Edition

Now I've seen these posts everywhere I couldn't resist and I just had to have a go! There'll probably be two types of these posts as I use different bags for college and when I go out on a normal day. I'm very nosy too and I love reading these types of posts so I hope you do too! Now I started college back in September and I have 3 lessons max a day which sometimes results in me carrying more books around but this is what my bag looks like on a normal day.

Now I absolutely adore my bag, it's a real Cambridge School Satchel that I got for £60 (retails at £100+), it's a gorgeous dark brown colour and this photo just doesn't do it any justice!
 photo DSCF7142_zpsa11c3468.jpg
 photo DSCF7146_zps590d20d6.jpg
 photo DSCF7154_zps980a7ab8.jpg
 photo DSCF7157_zpsabd08f86.jpg
♡ psychology notebooks & past papers // english langauge notebook // currently reading; the great gatsby
♡ much needed items; phone // bus ticket & college ID
♡ my go-to make up - asda's own lip balm // hello kitty tinted balm // body shop mirror // chewing gum // kate moss in 111
♡ my 160G ipod classic // headphones // dove mini deodorant
♡ bow purse (such a favorite!) // pencil case
♡ my galaxy tab // paperchase organiser

As you can see I actually fit lots of stuff into my satchel causing it to be brimming tight and ever so heavy. However some days I don't take my tablet and sometimes I only have one lesson which is a godsend! Just to pick out a few little bits my purse is from Primark and my ID case from Paperchase. Also I only carry bits and bobs of make up on me because my bag can't fit anything more, plus I find lippy and balm to be exactly what I need during the day!
Also the subjects I take at college are;

♡ psyhcology
♡ english language
♡ english literature
♡ medieval history

I'm seriously hoping this bag never breaks on me, it's a massive favorite! If you've done a post like this link me below, I love to see what people carry around with them!



  1. Your cambridge satchel is so pretty, dying to get hold of one myself! I miss taking Eng Lang, that and Media were my favourite subjects at college :) xoxo

    1. Try and find a cheap one, there'll be around somewhere! I do enjoy english language just my teacher is a bit iffy :( x

  2. I love the bag! I've been after one for a long time now! I take English Lit and Language too :)x


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