24 February 2013

Make Up Brushes? Help!!

Now I probably seem like the worst #bblogger ever right now, no in fact the worst girl. I don't own any make up brushes (apart from the ones that come in palettes). Also if I owned brushes I wouldn't exactly know what to do with them.... It's bad I know. See I've always loved make up, growing up and now I love it but I just don't understand the importance of brushes and why they can get so expensive?
I know you get lip brushes, powder brushes and blush brushes and what not but seriously, what would you recommend for an absolute beginner that needed the basics? I know there are probably tons of self help from companies with their own make but from one #bblogger to the next what do I really need to start myself off?

It seriously would be a massive help!
I kind of feel embarrassed admitting this, I feel like terrible girl :( 



  1. I only have a set from ebay, which was around £12 and it has 28 brushes in it, they are not the best of quality but they do the job! I would recommened the real techniques core collection, I haven't tried them yet though, or even the e.l.f brushes are good and they are really cheap!



    1. I'm looking on the cheap side but many people have recommended e.l.f so I think I may go to them, thanks though! :) x

  2. I used to be exactly the same! :D Now I have a little makeup brush collection that I'd never go without. You'll want brushes that go with what kind of makeup you use. Here are the brushes I use every day:

    Sigma F80 - for applying liquid foundation.
    Models Own Powder Brush - I apply blush with this.
    Real Techniques Blush Brush - I apply powder with this, found it a bit too soft for blush.
    Elf Angled Blush Brush - perfect for contouring.

    I have a couple of brand-less brushes for applying eyeshadow and use my fingers to apply concealer. Just because a brush is made for a certain purpose doesn't mean you can't be creative, so use it however you want to :) Real Techniques does a couple of sets for starting your brush collection and I've heard they're pretty good! Hope this helps!

    1. Thanks very much, I'll have a look around :) x

  3. No need to feel bad for it lovely, I don't use face brushes because I just find my concealer and foundation go on fine with my fingers! I'm afraid I didn't find the Real Techniques brushes as great as everyone thinks, so I stick to the brushes I've picked up in makeup kits over the years. I only use two double-ended eyeshadow brushes from Laura Gellar and Bourjois, they're fantastic and absolutely flawless, miles better than Real Techniques any day! xxx

  4. I'm in the same boat, i have no idea what to get!

    1. Well lot's of people for me have recommended e.l.f or real techniques, guess it depends on how much you want to spend :) x

  5. Don't worry I only recently got into makeup brushes, I'd recommend ELF brushes or MUA brushes as they are really cheap. I'd suggest getting a stippling brush for foundation, a powder brush and a blush brush. I'd also recommend some eyeshadow brushes as well. You could also try the Real Techniques brushes you could get one of their sets. I own the core collection and I did a review of it on my blog http://prettylitlefashionista.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/real-techniques-core-collection-review.html They are really good quality brushes and quite affordable. Hope this helps x

  6. I bought my first set of brushes when I was 13 or so, and I am strongly convinced they make a massive difference and simplify the whole process of applying makeup.

    First up, I'd recommend you to pick up a soft big powder brush. It will create a more flawless finish as the powder is diffused a lot better on your face.
    If you wear foundation/bb cream, I'd recommend getting a nice brush for that to buff in the product. Try either one of the Sigma Flat Top Kabuki brushes or the Real Techniques Buffing Brush (comes in the Core Colletion).
    Also, an angled blush brush is essential to apply blush where you want it to go.
    For eyeshadow, you will need an angled liner brush (good for gel eyeliner and filling in brows), a flat shader brush to wash one color all over your lid and a crease brush to create a soft shadow in your crease. Again, Real Techniques do a nifty set called Starter Kit which contains all the eyeshadow brushes you'd need at first.

    I hope this helps you! I blog about beauty on my blog as well, maybe you fancy a read?

    Nathalie xx

  7. Hi,

    I am 12 years old and on a tight budget myself so the brushes I have are by Barry m from superdrug - they are soft and they do quite a good range. Also I am planning on getting some co tools and Real techniques ones which are a bit more expensive but everyone raves about them.

    Hope that helped...
    blog: www.beyondimagination12.blogspot.com


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