8 February 2013

Wonderful World of Mittens

Now I've seen these mittens everywhere, loads of people around college had them and I desperately wanted a pair. I hunted the shops high and low willing to pay a lot of money for some but I found none, at all. I realize I may be a little behind on this trend but I could always hope. Instead I thought I'd scour the wide web for some and I came across these. Now they are fake but they are perfect. They cost me just under £7 and I couldn't of asked for better. They are warm and comfy and they feel lovely. They arrived on my doorstep on Monday and I've worn them everyday to college. That's the best £7 I've ever spent I think! I do realize you can buy real pairs but I don't really have £25+ to spare on gloves so these are a perfect second.
What do you think?



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