19 October 2012

Everything Paperchase ♡

I think like every other girl out there, I am Paperchase mad. I love cute and girly things and I love stationary  so it's like a perfect match made in heaven. Now everything I 'want' isn't on here and I haven't linked anything because everything is pretty easy to find on their website.

Now I know Paperchase is expensive, I mean £10 for a notebook is hefty, but goodness they are amazing. Especially the hand stitched ones. And I do kind of have an excuse to go spend all my hard earned money in here, I'm a student in need of pens and pencils, notebooks and folders. I especially like their laptop cases (despite mine being huge) and obviously their hand stitched dairies and also their 2013 organizers  I've already seen the one I want! I also love the adorable little clips, pens and cases they have for things such as bus tickets and cards. I ordered my very own case just the other day.

I'm not alone in my love either, my mum and my auntie are Paperchase mad. Not only do they sell stationary and big bound books, they sell wonderful birthday cards and wrapping paper. Christmas will be here soon so I can guarantee that I'll be having a little spree after just in time for the new year at college.

Whats your favorite item from Paperchase?


  1. I adore paperchase! Have lots of paperchase bits on my birthday wishlist :)

  2. I love having a good old stationery shop! They have such beautiful patterns (I'm in love with the bird painted notebook). I always seem to be attracted to the diaries and planners but I can never stick to using one...

    1. How gorgeous is it?! I love everything notebookish but like you never stick to one :( x

  3. Hey girly! Found you from the bbloggers hop. Your blog is soooo pretty so I had to follow :)) Happy Saturday! xx


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