8 October 2012

September Empties

Man this post is so late I know! I've been rushing around for the best part of this week, I haven't been at home and I've been incredibly busy with homework so sorry! Anyway here's my empty products from September.
Aapri Cleansing Pillows
Now these little pillows are amazing! You get 30 in a pack for about £1.50 and they are so lovely on the skin and they smell amazing. However their really hard to find where I live because sometimes the shops stock them and sometimes they don't. I'll be on the lookout for them when I next go shopping because I need some more!

Sure Gentle & Soft and Gentle Deodorants
Now I have two used up for this week and I normally pick these both up for a £1. This is because I'll start one off and then switch to another for a while until I end up with 4 deodorants going at once which is a massive pain. However both of these smell really gorgeous and never leave any white marks!

Tea Tree Facial Wipes 
I picked these up for around 59p and at first I though they were okay. They smelt really nice and took my make up off well. However they just wasn't 'wet' enough as in refreshing for my face and cooling. I didn't feel all that refreshed after using them. I think I'll stick to Asda's in future. 

Collection 2000 Extreme Felt Eyeliner
This is hands down my favorite 'wet' eyeliner of all time. First off I really dislike pencils they smudge and wear off way to quickly. Second, this one is cheap at around £2.99. Thirdly it lasts forever and looks so good on! It's the best type of pencil I've had (MUA's is rubbish) and well I just really like it, so I stock up heavily on it for when I run out.

Not many empties this month as I've not had all that much time to actually use products, damn college! I'll try and have some more at the end of this month, it is my birthday which means money for make up!

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