26 October 2012

Birthday Purchases!

As you all know I went shopping on Wednesday with my birthday money and I got lots of lovely things. I did get mainly clothes (like always!) but I did buy some Christmas presents so I am pretty pleased with myself.
lace dress - new look £20 // white bra -debenhams £18 // black & burgundy bra - new look £9 // burgundy skirt - new look £13 // VO5 serum - boots £4 // DVD - cex £3 // studded boots - new look £25 // black skirt - river island £16 // dog card - paperchase £1.50

I also got a few other bits and bobs that aren't on here. But safe to say I haven't done bad, I got nearly everything with student discount and I got some 'higher' brands than normal which is rather nice. I especially like my burgundy skirt and boots, despite them being really high and hard to walk in! (I'm a sucker for cute heels but can't walk in them). However the only thing not mentioned here is the Christmas presents I bought
and that's because I don't want to let them slip for a fellow blogger who bought me a rather lovely notebook.

I also got refitted for some bra's seeing as I haven't been in years. I ended up going from an A to a D cup and I thought I'd treat myself to a nice comfy bra from Debenhams and it is lovely. I know where I'll be spending my Christmas money! I also bought myself a lovely Casio watch and I recently bought an iPod last night - a 160GB Black iPod Classic which I'm so excited to arrive, finally an iPod with space for all my make up. Lovely :)


  1. I almost bought that skirt! It's so cute! I absolutely adore burgundy clothes at the moment. The colour is gorgeous! :)
    Mia x

    1. I know, I'm totally obsessed with it. I have to stop myself buying everything associated with the colour! x

  2. Loveee your purchases missy! Very nice xxx


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