16 October 2012

Bloggers Bookshelf!

Hi there everyone! I'd just like to let you all know that the book blog I joined is now finally live, how exciting! Bloggers Bookshelf is a collaborative blog started by Erin & Ria all to do with books! They describe it like this:

"Blogger's Bookshelf was born out of a collective love of literature. The blog itself sprouted from ideas from creators Erin and Ria to form a community of like minded readers, who are bursting to share the stories they love (and hate!). From long novels to short stories, fantasy to gritty crime to fluffy chick lit to epic historical fiction. Books that span to cultures across the globe to those that hit issues closer to home. Getting lost in a book is escapism at it's finest and it's what everyone who contributes here thrives on."

I am so happy to be part of this blog! Not many of my close friends read and I haven't really come across many 'amazing' book blogs around here so being able to be a part of this one is truly amazing. I love reading, I'm a huge bookworm and have been since the age of about 10, it's what I do. I read on the way to college, on the way back, when I'm in bed, sometimes even walking down the street. (Bad I know!) I can get completely absorbed in a book and once it's finished it's almost as if it was real.

I read all sorts of genre from classics to horror and romance, you name it and it'll probably be on my to-read list. For my bit in this blog I am a 'regular' contributor which means I will be posting my reviews and recommendations every second Friday, my first review will be on Friday 2nd November which I'm really excited about! I'll probably talk about books I've loved and hated, my absolute favorites and what I'm currently reading. Winter's here which means Christmas soon so I'll be welcoming lots of new books and lots of reading time. I hope you can join us over at Bloggers Bookshelf give us a quick look and even a bookmark. First post is coming up on the 29th of this month so get yourself over there, I'll guarantee you'll enjoy it.

I hope you all have had a wonderful start to your week  : )

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