7 October 2012

Hello Instagram 06

treats from my grandmas // college ID // dessert // war hammer painting
college outfit // dinner time at work // weekly treats // family meal time

I've been quite ill this week, hence there not being a lot of photos. Like pretty much everyone else in the UK I've had a horrible cold and ugh. However I did have a lovely week as I stayed at my boyfriends pretty much all week which was a lovely change. We did all the usual stuff, falling asleep way too early and buying take away twice.

I also got my lovely college ID this week (finally!) and we had an enrichment fair where I signed up to the college magazine and a creative writing class which I'm excited about! Also it's been ever so cold this week so mainly all of my outfits have been my parker coat, jeans and a big wooly jumper!

My main highlight for this week was last time at a family meal. Both my step-sisters are pregnant so we went to celebrate that and also it was on of their birthdays. I always love a little excuse to get all dressed up and made up. Me and my boyfriend also had a huuge but delicious pudding! I'm really excited for the coming week! It's Hull Fair, my birthdays creeping ever so closer and soon it'll be half term!

What have you been up to this week?


  1. I love these posts, I posted my first week in photos today! I find them so interesting and I love photos xx

    1. I'll have to have a little look see, I adore these posts :) x

  2. I love a big knitted jumper in the Autumn months! Writing for the college magazine sounds great, I signed up for Right to Read where we help primary children with their reading which sounds fun!

    1. Aw wow that sounds so cute! I think my college gave us the chance to do that as well :) xo

  3. Great pictures! I love these types of posts! Katherine xxx


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