29 October 2012

Hello Instagram 09

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selfie // nail art! // new shoes // yummy dessert
ice cream at work // best bday pressie ever! // frankie & benny's breakfast before work // ordered my iPod
pink bath // i'm 17!!! // mmmh // birthday selfie
selfie 3 // sweets galore // presents from my boyf // new watch & pandora
cute pressies from my bestie // amazing college hot chocolate //selfie 4 - party time

I know these posts are meant to be done on a Sunday but to be honest I really haven't had the time, I've been so busy with work and college and the other blog I'm contributing too I've just been all over but here it is anyway :-) I've had a long week, but thankfully half term is here! That's right I get all of next week off and I'm choosing to spend it at work, working nearly 40 hours for lots of dosh, which is lovely!

Also it was my birthday this week, the big 17! I got some amazing presents and I bought some lovely things with my birthday money. It was also my grandad's 70th birthday and we had a huge party for him and I got to wear my lovely new black dress with the white collar - it's my favourite already! I'm also super excited for christmas, I've been making my list for myself and other people, I can't wait to start shopping properly for it!!

However that's it from me this week, I think I'm going to curl up with my boyfriend and watch a film. Posts may be a little slow in the coming week due to me being full time at work and overflowing with college work, however head on over to bloggers bookshelf as my first review will be up on the 3rd and also there'll be some reviews from others in the meantime. I'm so excited for it!

How has your week been?


  1. Happy birthday! Your instagram is so cute! How long have you been blogging?


    1. Aw wow thank you ever so much and only a few months. Why? :) x


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