17 October 2012

Birthday Wishlist!

As your all aware (or not) my birthday is on the 23rd of this month (next week!) I turn 17 and normally at this stage all you get is money to buy your own presents apart from the odd thing. I though I'd make a little wishlist just to remind myself of what I really want. 

1. Lush's Love Lettuce & Cupcake - £6
These are just two of Lush's products I'd like, I want to try all of their bath bombs and face masks, I guess I'll just have to pick a few out and try them first.

2. iPod classic 60G/120G
My iPod touch has had it's run I think, 32G is just not enough space for all my apps and music combined. I think it's time for a small upgrade and I'm determined to get one of these. Their so cute and lovely. I would also love an alarm clock and speakers in one for my iPod/iPhone, I just have to find a cheapish one.

3. Strawberry & Forest Fruits lip scrub £6.95
I saw these on someones blog a while back and thought they were ever so cute and I wanted to try them. I've seem top reviews about Lush's lip scrubs and I want to see what these products are all about and if their as good as everyone's opinions. 

4. Fake Jerffery Campells £34
These shoes are gorgeous. I'm not sure if I'd ever wear them but their always there if I would? These are so gorgeous and I love studded things at the moment as well as boots, I guess I'd just have to learn to walk in them?

5. Boucle Pini £30
I still really badly want this! It's so gorgeous and so cute I just hope it's in stock when I have the money to order it, it's delightful.

6. Casual Vacancy JK £12
I'm such a big fan of her and I just can't say no to her new book! You can pick it up at half price at the moment and I love hard back books so I can't wait for this one. With this I'll have her full collection which I'm very proud to say.

7. Casio Watch in purple £3.99
I've always been a fan of watches I've just never found one that suited me. This one is retro and in a gorgeous colour so I can't wait to get one, it's ever so cute.

8. Bookshelf Kindle Case £16.99
This may be verging on nearly £20 for a kindle case but it's so gorgeous and well my kindle is quite special to me (as are my books) and I'd hate for it to get damaged. This case is ever so cute and well, it's gorgeous and very 'me'.

There is so much stuff not on this list I would love to buy, if only I could remember it, look out for a big shopping haul post when my birthday does arrive because I'll not only have a big shopping spree with birthday money but I'll be getting paid as well.

What's on your wishlist this week?

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