29 October 2012

Tag: Why Do You Wear Make Up?

So I love these little tags and I though I'd share it with you all. Don't forget if you do the tag comment with the link and I'll check it out :-)

1. When did you begin to love make up?
I think I began to love it from quite a small age, I remember being little and I would sneak little peeks into my mums make up bag and also when I got to the age when I was given old cast off make up, either from my mum or auntie and I adore it, especially when I use to play dress up.

2. How do you feel without make up?
I know some girls generally can't leave the house without make up, but I'm not like that. I would happily walk out the door in a morning with no make up on, it hardly bothers me. However I do wear it daily because I like to make an effort for my boyfriend but also myself. I like applying it, I enjoy it. 

3. What do you like about make up?
I enjoy applying it, for example I like blending two eye shadows together or putting my lippy on and my winged eyeliner. I love how one look can totally change your face for example I look much different with eyeliner than I do if I wear eye shadow. I also love buying it, going scouting for the best deals and picking the best colours. 

4. Three 'Holy Grail' Items?
My collection 2000 face powder simply because it's easier and cheaper to use foundation some days. It covers up well, it doesn't last all day but I do apply concealer and small amounts of foundation so this covering on top of everything. 

Collection 2000 extreme felt eyeliner in black. This product is amazing and it's cheap. It can last me ages and is absolutely amazing to put on and so easy. It doesn't smudge and it last and lasts.

One of my many lip balms  I enjoy wearing lip gloss and lipstick however my boyfriend does tend to hate it so normally I just stick a bit of lip balm on when it's a college day. I like flavored ones the best however Asda have an amazing smelling one. 

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