11 December 2012

The Perfect Party Dress

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Now all girls want the perfect party dress with the shoes to match, I know I do. So here is a small collection of a few my favourite dresses I've seen recently. Bearing in mind Christmas is coming up and I would love a new dress for Christmas Day and New Years Eve. I feel as if some of these are perfect. My favourite out of these has to be the first one with the lace arms which I've fallen in love with or the black and white polka dot one simply because of the lace collar. I would willing wear any of these dresses over the Christmas period as they are all gorgeous. I've been a big lover of boots this winter and these one from Topshop are absolutely to die for, I just wish they wasn't £95 (!!), maybe Santa will bring them. I also really liked the spiked wedges, I've never worn wedges however these ones would look lovely with any of the dresses. Most of these outfits I would pair with simple eye makeup and bright lips.

Despite most of these items being way out of my price range they are incredibly gorgeous. Do you have any favourites?


  1. Love all these dresses! Really like the black one! is it sequins on the shoulders? X

    1. Yes it is indeed, they are all gorgeous indeed. As are the shoes :( xx


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