31 December 2012

Spoilt Bunny & Merry Christmas!

Hello all and merry Christmas I hope you all had a fine one indeed, I know I did filled to the brim with Christmas food, alcohol and family fun. I know I've been slightly scarce on posts this past month but with the run up to Christmas I just haven't had the time what with finding and buying presents, wrapping them up and then giving them. Not to mention college and work, lets say it all got a little hectic.

However on to the fun stuff, I like many other people got rather spoiled this Christmas, with many things I just wasn't expecting which is always lovely. So here is a little post just to show you all what I got. (This is in no way shape or form boasting of what I received  I just like to see this kind of posts and I hope you do too.) Bearing in mind I have 2 families and a lovely boyfriend to receive from. 
First off, my Soap & Glory collection. Just look at it! Most of this I received out of the big £60 gift set (reduced to £27) I received off my lovely boyfriend and the other bits and bobs of family members. It all smells so amazing, I can't wait to try everything out.
Bits and bobs here included a gorgeous hand stitched journal from Paperchase (I've been lusting them all year long!) an egg cup thing filled with bath bombs, lip balms and a really nice smelling Lush set which was a lovely surprise. 
Being the bookworm I am I got bought quite a few books as well as 1-4 seasons of The Big Bang Theory as well as a ton of chocolate like always. Since going up in bra sizes I got some gorgeous bra's bought from Debenhams and a really nice studded black biker jacket. 

As you can see I'm a spoilt but very happy little bunny. Also I got given money of other various relatives and also my gorgeous Galaxy Tablet in white from my dad. And in return everyone got a well loved present from me. On Christmas day we all had a rather big surprise before starting our meal, my mums boyfriend of nearly 4 years got down on one knee and proposed to her, which I think was terribly romantic!
two of my favorite presents
gorgeous little yankee candle set up from my boyfriends mum & my galaxy tab

The new year is rolling around so quick too! The idea of 2013 is ever so scary, my 2nd year of college, turning 18 and my boyfriend turning 20 and our year anniversary eek! I haven't even had chance for my own little spending spree in the sales, which I think will be on today's agenda and then I'll be spending the eve with my boyfriend and a few vodka redbulls. With the new year will come new posts and inspiration, I mean I have all these wonderful products to review! I also hit 150 followers while I was away, thank you to all you wonderful bloggers! Hopefully in the near future there'll be a giveaway!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and an even better New Year! :)


  1. Looks like someone got spoilt! Loving all the soap and glory products!! Happy new year babe x

    1. I really did & thank you, happy new year to you too! :) xx


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