1 January 2013

Happy New Year to all!

Well here's goodbye to 2012! It's been a wonderful and long year full of surprises and wonderful events like the Olympics. It's been a special year for me too, here's why..

I left high school and started my first year at college.
I finally got a job and am earning my own money.
I met my wonderful boyfriend on valentine's day of this new year it'll be our year anniversary.
My mum got engaged.
I turned 17.
I finally set myself up a skin routine that I can easily follow.
I made a beauty/lifestyle blog which was the best decision ever.


Yes there are many more other great things, those are just some of my favorite things. Let's just say it's been an odd year, I had a horrible break up and then found someone new who swept me off my feet. I left school and for the first time in 5 years I was actually a little scared rather than excited for college. But overall I got a job, I'm doing well at college and I'm as happy as can be with my life, everything is just about wonderful.

I know at the start of a new year people are always like 'a new year, a new me!' and make all these silly resolutions about crash diets and what not that they know themselves they won't keep even myself. So this year I've decided so just make 'small' improvements on already good things in my life, they won't make massive changes to myself as a person but it'll make myself feel good. Here are my improvements for the year;

1. Carry on and continue to improve my skin routine,
which means doing it on a late night after getting in from work.

2. Carry on reading books like the big bookworm I am
but expand my tastes in books.

3. Revise really hard for my June exams, I want those grades!

4. Try really hard to expand and improve my diet.
(I'm such a faddy eater).

5. I would also like to try and write about the books I read,
I've set myself a goal of 70 this year, eek!


I hope everyone has a very lovely new year and hasn't got that bad of a hangover. I myself however have work today which is a slight bummer but I had last night off to spend with Tom so I can't complain. I hope 2013 is just as wonderful as last year for everyone and even better as we all deserve it. I hope you all look forward to this years worth of blogging. I know I am, I've got products coming out of my ears!

Do you have any resolutions / self improvements for this year?


  1. There are three 2012 achievements we can relate on: turning 17, leaving high school and getting our first jobs! :P Anyhow, happy new year! Hopefully you are able to complete all of your resolutions. :)

    1. Woo! Thank you & I hope you complete all of yours, happy new year :) xx


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