29 January 2013

FOTD - Time For College!

(Excuse my dodgy bloodshot eyes, my contact lenses are a pain!)

The Body Shop Foundation SPF 15 in Shade 03.
Collection 2000 Pressed Powder in Porcelain (on top of the foundation).

Collection 2000 Extreme Felt Liner in Black.
Avon Super Extend Mascara in Black.
Soap & Glory's Thick and Fast Mascara in Black.

MUA Intense Colour Lip Liner in Red Drama.
Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in Shade 01.

I don't tend to make this much effort with my make up very much due to hurting contact lenses and not enough time in a morning. However yesterday I didn't start till half 10 so I thought I'd give my full face a go as well as dressing to impress. A normal day is a creamy mousse foundation with a slight use of powder (my skin likes to go very dry some days!) with minimal eye make up normally resulting in mascara and a little eye shadow and lip balm.

Yesterday I thought I'd branch out back to my old ways and delve into my red lipstick and vintage flicks! This is one of my favorite make up looks ever, I just feel ever so classy. I also used my favorite lipstick by Kate Moss (seriously they are fab try them out!) which I adore but sadly my boyfriend doesn't. I always enjoy days more when I've got a bit more make up on, feels like I've really made and effort and I enjoy putting my make up on, it's a shame I hate taking it off.

Do you have a favorite make up look?

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