30 January 2013

tag! you're it

Yay! I haven't had one of these in a while, I love them because you get a little more info about the average every day blogger. I was tagged by the lovely Mia from MiaAlice who is a very gorgeous little lady, thank you!

Here are the rules again, my pretties!
 Answer the 11 set questions. 
Set 11 questions for the 11 people you tag. 
Mention the blog who tagged you.
Feel free to do this post yourself and drop me a link below, I always love seeing peoples answers!

Here are the lovely questions Mia set me!
1. What's your favourite trend at the moment?
This is a hard one because I don't really like to follow trends and I'm always behind. I guess you could say the trend of leather satchels. I'm quite behind with this one but I love my satchel! 

2. What is your favourite shade of lipstick?
Red, always red! I think it's a gorgeous colour. I also really enjoy burgundy and deep purples  I'm way too scared to see if I could pull either off though. 

3. What beauty product do you regret purchasing most?
I always regret buying cheap powders and nail polish as I never wear them. I also buy scented face wipes because their cheap and they smell awful! No high end mistakes just yet.

4. Can you tell us your biggest fashion faux pas?
On my 'tired' days at college I tend to wear comfy clothes that take no effort and hardly any make up. I hate that I do but I just love my bed lots some days.

5. What is your poison?
I hate to say it but Vodka Redbulls, yuck how un-classy! However I do enjoy cheeky vimtos which is port and vodka, they taste great! 

6. How long on average does it take you to get ready?
Anywhere between an hour to two. Depending what I have to do. A day where I make effort with my clothes and make up will take me about an hour (and a half at the most.)

7. Tea or coffee?
Sorry to say but neither! I haven't grown up that much yet, I do enjoy a rather nice hot chocolate though.

8. What are your opinions on surgery?
No way for cosmetic purposes. The only type of surgery I will ever consider is laser eye treatment. Yes in some ways it's cosmetic and yes I'm unsure whether I want it, some days I just love my glasses a lot.

9. Do you have/want tattoos?
I would love a tattoo, I already have on in the works for when I turn 18 this October which will be a dream catcher on my ankle. I also have plenty more planned!

10. Do you prefer statement shoes or a statement bag?
Statement bag all the way!! I could not live without my collection of bags. However the same could be said for my shoes. Well I'd rather wear a lovely pair of flats and have a gorgeous flashy bag than heels.

11. Do you have a favourite part of 2012?
This is going to sound terribly soppy and such but meeting and then falling for my now boyfriend who is called Tom. We got together Valentine's day last year so it's looming on our year anniversary. ♡

I would love to see
Natalie @youralmostalice
Vicki @victoriajanex
Vicky @daily-hoot

And here are my questions for you!
1. What is your favorite brand and why?
2. What is the story behind your blog name?
3. One of your pet hates.
4. What do you prefer, your shoe or bag collection?
5. What is your favorite lipstick that you own? (pictures please ladies! ^.^ )
6. What is your favorite meal to eat out? (if you could totally pig out)
7. Are you a morning or a night person?
8. Describe your perfect date.
9. Your favorite post to read about from a blogger.
10. What/who inspired you to blog?
11. What is one thing you'd like to do in 2013?

 Apologies in advance for those awful questions, it's just so hard to be creative sometimes. I really enjoyed writing this post and I hope you all do too. If you've not been tagged and do this anyway, drop me a link below I'd love to check out everyone's answers!


  1. There's nothing wrong with comfy cloohing! It's a mini miracle worker! I adore a vodka and red bull too and you and Tom are so cute!! Happy anniversary in advance!! :)
    Mia x

    1. Aww! Why thank you very much, I love my big comfy jumpers and jeans, their perfect :) x


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