2 January 2013

Organising 2013

The beginning of the year is always important, it's the new start to everything. This year I've taken it upon myself to be organised, which means writing everything from college down and actually doing the work before deadline rather than on it, to organize my blogging routine but also my skin care routine. To start myself off I wanted a new bag for a new year, one that would see me all the way through this college year and one that I will stick with and I found this beauty. 
Yes, it'a a real Cambridge School satchel and I picked it up for such a lovely price (£60) and I just know it's going to see me through this year well. It's so gorgeous and sturdy, plus it has that new leather smell which is divine! 

Also to get organised in this new year I bought a whole loads of cute notebooks as well as an organizer. The notebooks I can use for lists and notes and to just carry around in case I ever need paper and the organizer for work and college, I can keep track of all my hours and work in the same place! Plus I bought it from Paperchase and it's so cute.
Also I love the idea of carrying a notebook so I can write down anything wherever I am, which is a lovely idea. I hope that by doing this I can crack down for my exams in May this year and really do well at my first year for college. Also the small kid in me wanted new notebooks, just because heh.


  1. Cute notebooks :) Im sure that satchel will do you well! Good luck with staying organized! X

  2. That bag is gorgeous!
    Also i always carry a notebook with me it's such a good idea :)

    1. I know, it smells so nice too hah, I know best decision I ever made, I love carrying my notebooks around :) xx


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