22 January 2013

the lady with ruby lips

Everyone seems to be going mad for Kate Moss' lipsticks and I am part of that crowd! I love red lipstick, there's no doubt about it. However I disliked the fact all the ones I've bought have always been quite shiny and tend to rub off and make my lips feel greasy. So when Kate brought out her Matt collection as well as the normal collection I just had to get my mitts on one! 
The shade I bought was 01 and it goes on like a dreeeeam. Plus how gorgeous is the packaging! I just want all of them. Out of all the lipsticks I've bought up to date this is by far my favorite and the one I'm mostly likely to recommend. However I haven't bought a MAC lipstick yet so we shall wait and see!

What's your favorite lipstick?

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