14 January 2013

lush - melting snowman

Like many other girlies out there for Christmas I got a gorgeous inspired Lush boxset which was to die for, it smelt wonderful. Inside I received;
The Melting Snowman!
Now I could smell this baby as soon as I opened the box, he smelt wonderful. I can't quite put my finger on it but to me it smelt spicy and cosy, it reminded me just a little bit of home.

Lush Says..
"Melt this spicy hot toddy snowman into your bath for a magical moisturizing soak."

And that it was. It made the water feel all soft and kinda comfortable but also the smell, it stayed until I got out and it smelt wonderful, that added to the melt itself. It made me feel relaxed and cosy and it just smelt wonderful. Also it gave the bath a kind of yellow-ish tinge which just reminded me of Autumn.
My favorite thing is that afterwards my skin felt soften and almost relaxed. Not only did this bath melt smell gorgeous and work very well it also looked adorable. I know for definitely I'll be picking this up at Christmas, it's all you could want in a bath melt and the smell lingers, nothing better!

Have you tried the Melting Snowman for Lush's Christmas range?


  1. I haven't tried it, no but it just looks so delicious. I've got the Lush bug now, think I'ma purchase the Big Blue bath bom when payday finally comes around!
    And if you ever stop by my blog, please do say hi :)

    Kerry x from Kerralina

    1. I shall do! I would love to try the Big Blue bomb, it looks amazing :) x


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