12 January 2013

a new year, a new skincare rountine

It's been a while since I shared my skincare routine with you all and I thought with a new year I should make a new routine. I wanted something quick and easy for morning but also I wanted to try out all my new products I received from Christmas (there's a lot..) There isn't much here overall but I have college everyday so I wanted something quick for the morning as well as for nights because I sometimes have late shifts at work and I just want my bed!
Now I always start my routine after washing my hair.
I kick off with Soap and Glory's Face Soap & Clarity face wash, not only does the smell amazing but it also helps to get rid of any make up from the night before. Afterwards to make sure my skin is make up free I run over my face with some wipes. I then moisturize my face with Botanics Ultra Skin Calming Day Cream, not only does this stuff smell great it also makes my skin feel refreshed and clean. To top it all of I continually use Asda's own lip balm during the day and Soap & Glory's Hand Food which is a thick mixture but makes my hands feel soft, amazing and smell wonderful. Normally in a morning as well as applying make up and doing my hair this routine takes me about 25 minutes max, perfect for a college morning.
As you can see my night routine is a little bigger and does vary. I use a lot of product on my skin on a night normally to either take my make up off and remove any grease/oil from being at work, it makes my skin feel terrible! I always kick off my routine after a bath filled with bubbles.

I tend to start off with Soap & Glory's Peaches & Clean Cleansing Milk, now this product is slightly odd for a face product, it smells nice but doesn't really lather up when applied, it still does work rather nicely. Then depending on my day, I get rid of any extra dirt/oil on my face with Boot's own cleanser & toner along with cotton wool pads. I then apply Botanics Ultra Skin Calming Night Cream, it makes my skin feel refreshed after a long day at work/college and it feels so clean, the cream contains 'marshmallow' which smells divine! Then to top it all off for the rest of my skin I use my favorite body butter which is Soap & Glory's own Righteous Body Butter, it's a thick mixture with a smell to die for, it takes a while to sink in but leaves my skin as smooth as a baby's bottom!

I know my routine isn't full of high end luxury products but I'm happy with what I use and the effect everything has on my skin. I love Soap & Glory products because they always seem well suited to my skin.

What products are included in your daily routine? 



  1. Discovered you via #bbloggers :) Does the toner dry your skin out or moisterise it?

    Joyce xxx
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    Sunshine & Rain

    1. No it doesn't, it does quite the opposite, my skin always feels wonderful afterwards. x

  2. I love S&G Righteous Butter :) smells so good, ive almost ran out of mine :(
    Great post lovely!
    Natalie xx

  3. I'm a MASSIVE soap and glory fan... 7 gift sets for christmas says it all! I've got Peaches & Clean as well as the Soap and Glory hot cloth cleanser to try when I run out or change my mind about my current skincare!
    i'm currently using MAC Pro Eye Make Up Remover, Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm, Soap and Glory Scrub Your Nose In It, Caudalie Beauty Elixir, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair & Origins Super Spot Remover... with the addition of Origins Drink Up/Drink Up Intensive/Clear Improvement/Out Of Trouble masks depe got Peaches & Clean as well as the Soap and Glory hot cloth cleanser to try when I run out or change my mind about my current skincare!

    1. So am I, I love S&G :-) Thanks for sharing your products, love seeing what people use, gives me ideas for my own skin :) x


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