13 January 2013

hello instagram 12

My my, it has been a while since I've done one of these posts! I'm in the process of getting my phone screen fixed which means more pictures and posts. This post will probably include pictures from the last week and any favorites from Christmas.
As you can see me & my boyfriend like to eat out, a lot.
1. Lego LOTR, it's amazing! // 2. OOTD // 3. Cheeky back to college hot chocolate // 4. Costa date on NYE // 5. Nando's date NYE // 6. Molly got a cut // 7. First VW of the year // 8. Spent NYE with my babe // 9. Sorted out bookings for our 1 year // 10. My 2013 organizer // 11. OOTD #2 // 12. Frankie & Benny's date - The Godather

As you can see I've had an eventful few weeks after Christmas. I've got lot's more to look forward to as well with birthday meals, cinema, anniversaries, books to read and theater trips.

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