13 January 2013

things that made me happy this week

Lots of things always make me happy during the week and I never really document them so hopefully I keep this post going every week. It will probably include personal things and things I find on the web. Enjoy! :)

I love when moments like this get captured on film. I always wonder what became of the people in them.. I bet they wouldn’t have guessed that half a century later people would still be admiring them. And think how important that kiss must have been to the both of them, to go to all the trouble. I hope to be kissed with such fervor someday. And I hope they made it.

Yep, crying.
Pictures like these, one day.

My boyfriend's mum gave me these to keep my feet warm at their house, cutest slippers I've ever been bought!

This stuff is wonderful! It smells great and feels great, this sample will be gone in no time!

Tom bought me flowers and they had a surprise Lilly in them, they are gorgeous.

I've been waiting for my contact lenses for while now, goodbye glasses! (at least for a little while..)

My money saving pot arrived, it's going to be so heartbreaking when I smash it open, it's so cute!

I feel I've had quite a brilliant week, can't be bad for the start of a new year. I've been getting back into Pinterest a lot recently since getting my tablet so if you want to follow just take a look here, everything is just so wonderful on there! 

What's made you happy this week?

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