19 June 2013

I Won a Giveaway! #3

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Turns out little old me won another giveaway, how fab is that! This one was hosted by an amazing friend of mine Hayley (go check her blog out it's amazing!) and I won a gorgeous little set of skincare samples. It was a wonderful little giveaway and even if I hadn't of won I'd of bought myself this little set because it's so damn cute!
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 photo DSC_7903_zpse54b0b12.jpg
With the gorgeous little set of skincare samples you also get a muslin cloth (which I currently use to remove my Good Things cleanser!) which is a wonderful little extra as I've been wanting to try one out forever. I've gotten to the stage where I just hate flannels, their just too rough!
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This little set retails for £6 on the Pai website which for 6 samples ain't bad at all! However as you can see most of the samples are moisturizers which is slightly disappointing as I'm currently trying out eye creams. Also the book you get with the set goes into detail on what products should be tried with what skin type. However I can't really complain, this was a gorgeous little set to win from Hayley and I can't wait to try out my first sample! 
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  1. You always win my giveaways :') Hope you like them x

    1. Your giveaway's yes! I hope so too, thanks :) xo


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