25 June 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo's - Metallic Pomegranate & on and On Bronze

 photo DSC_7929_zps394591e5.jpg
 photo DSC_7930_zps55d5c275.jpg
R.R.P - £4.99

Why have I not picked these up before????? These are amazing! I've always been a little funny on creme eye shadows, maybe because I think they'll feel weird on my eyes. But damn I was so wrong. These feel so amazing on my lids, as if they aren't even their at all! I tend to apply these with my Real Techniques Detailer brush (until I get my eye shadow brushes) and they apply so well and smoothly, they almost glide along my lids.
 photo DSC_7933_zps25fe0095.jpg
For £4.99 each they are an absolute bargain, I want all the colours! These two I picked are Metallic Pomegranate and On and On Bronze but I've also been eyeing up the bright gold and smokey grey colour. They are beyond pigmented, even with the tiniest amount on the brush you get a great transfer to the lid meaning these babies are going to last me ages! I mean the swatches really show how gorgeous these shades are.
 photo DSC_7937_zps5beb5e9c.jpg
Although the colours here look very similar (on and on bronze being the bottom) I can assure you Metallic Pomegranate is a wonderful plummy colour and On and On Bronze being a gorgeous bronze colour that isn't too dark. I absolutely love these eye shadows, I can guarantee you'll soon see a FOTD with them very soon!
 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png


  1. I've been really happy with most of the colour tattoos I've bought, but I keep forgetting to buy more! I've not seen Metallic Pomegranate before, it looks lovely!

    1. It's a spin on their old pomegranate colour. They are all amaaaaazing! xo

  2. I need to go out and buy a couple of these, they look fab! x

  3. These look wonderful! I love the pomegranate color! So gorgeous and rich!


    1. It really is, looks ever better on the lid! x

  4. I love On and On Bronze, I need to pick up more shades as it's the only one I own but I love it so much x

    1. They are so amazing! The shades are wonderfully pigmented too xo


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