24 June 2013

Lush: Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar Review

(Hello everyone I am back, sorry about the absence I had tons of A Level exams to deal with and tons of hours at work meaning I was just too tired to blog :( however yay for summer being just around the corner!)
 photo DSC_7737_zps57aa2527.jpg
R.R.P - £2.90

Lush Says - "Practically perfect in every way, pop this mandarin and orange flower bubble bar into your tub for mounds of bright bubbles."

This bomb sure did deliver, look at all these bubbles, with bright green water too! Now I know what you're thinking, 'ewww green water!' but this bath bomb was ever so lovely. The more I use Lush bath bombs the more I seem to really love them! My favorite bit about this one was the gorgeous decoration of the little flower contrasting with the bright green colour. However for the 'overall bath experience' the scent of the bomb was ever so relaxing (I like to use them before going to work!) and sure did make me skin feel ever so smooth.
 photo DSC_7738_zpsd4c6c763.jpg
 photo DSC_7745_zps9fcaf31b.jpg

I absolutely loved this bath bomb and have to get my mitts on some more! Anyone got any recommendations for me? :) 
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  1. Love your bath Elle, feel like I've told you this before? This sounds so nice and I love the colour x

    1. I think you have, thank you :) It's such a comfy bath! xo

  2. Lovely post- this looks so relaxing! I once tried this chocolate bath bomb from lush, but I can't for the life of me remember the name! Anyway, I've tagged you in a blog post if you're interested! I'll leave the link below!

    Bea xx


    1. Wow that sounds so amazing! & Thank you I'll check it out :) xo

  3. Wow!, Your blog is amazing, I'm a similar age to you and i'm new to blogging. It would really mean a lot and help me if you had the chance to take a quick look at my blog and maybe give me some advice/tips on how to improve? x


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