9 June 2013

No7 Match Foundation - Stay Perfect

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R.R.P - £14

Now I've been using this foundation for what seems like months now and I've only just thought to review it! One day I was in town with Tom and I just thought 'let's do it!' I was sick to death of buying foundations that despite being the lightest shade they were always too dark. So instead I got myself skin matched and it's been a love affair since then! For a foundation it is pricey (to me anyway!) but Boot's are aaaalways giving out No7 vouchers so I thought why not and I got this for about £12 at the time.

The bottle is quite big and I do have to say this has lasted me about 2/3 months? I asked the lady at the counter how often I would need to replace it and she said 3 weeks... ohhhh. I use a lot when applying too so I've no idea what she was on about! It gives really great even coverage but it doesn't look thick and cakey or make me look shiny (which is a nooono!) which I do like. I can apply it in a morning, wear it all day at college and be home around 5/6pm and it's still on.

One flaw for this with me though was that my skin is rather oily and I do prefer a matt finish. However there is the 'beautifully matt' version of my colour (which is the lightest!) the shade calico, which is around £13 which I think I might have to try when I run this bottle down. Since purchasing this I've been looking for a casual founation to wear to work but found that nothing works better than this shade wise so it is perfect.

After the lady had skin matched me she applied it and boy did I look a shade darker, I think some body needs to teach her to apply foundation because I actually had a foundation mark around my neck and cheeks, ugh! 

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  1. It comes to something when the beautician can't even apply the foundation on properly hah

  2. I love No7, their such a great brand. I want to get skin matched! x

    1. You should! I've had this bottle 10 weeks and I'm no where near finishing! xo


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