27 June 2012

The Wonderful World of the Kindle!

So I've finally discovered the world of the Amazon Kindle, yes time and time again I've been asked by my parents if I want one at birthdays and Christmases because I'm an avid reader but I've always said no. There's nothing like the feel of a good thick book between my hands but recently I've thought differently on the whole subject. Although I like the feel of a book in my hands when reading I don't always like carrying around the huge thick ones I buy, then I thought of a kindle. I decided to test out my granddad's for the next month to get the hang of it.

Soon enough I fell in love with it. I mean I start college this September and in 2 years I hope to be on my way to attending university, which means I'm going to have to figure out a way to take my book collection with me! (It's totally too 100+ books now, eek!) Which is when I thought of the Kindle. You can take 1400+ books with you on the go, you can read it in daylight and dark but also it weights almost nothing! Then I looked at the downside of it, what happens to the books I already have? And also what if I want to buy a book but I also want it on my kindle?

I guess I decided that yes I will want one maybe later this year but also I can carry on buying books, just the special ones I want to keep. I have to admit I am blown away by the kindle, it sure is amazing, the brilliance of it and the actual idea of it is fantastic. I just wish they would find a way to put books you already own on to the Kindle so you can take them with you!

Also like everyone else currently, I've started reading Fifty Shades of Grey, well I actually haven't started the first page yet but I will be later on today. All I can say is my mum's read it and she enjoyed it, time to see what the big fuss is all about. I mean it can't be that special right, lots of people write erotica and are never known for it.

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