15 August 2013

*~ 18 months ~*


Yesterday was mine and my wonderful boyfriends year and a half anniversary and I just thought I'd do a little post to document it! I know for the better part of a month I've been ~MIA~ purely due to working a lot and then spending all my free time with the lovely man above but hey once college kicks off again hey! I WILL be back. I have tons of products to review and tons to show you all which I just currently love. And a lot of videos to upload oops..

Anyway,  we went out for a lovely meal in Pizza Hut ;) how classy and a little spend in the town centre. We have something better planned for weekend which includes drinking a hell of a lot in a wonderful club and then collapsing into a comfy double bed in a Premier Inn on Sunday night! Today I wore my gorgeous new New Look dress, paired with my favorite Doc Martens and favorite red lip. 
I hope you've all had a wonderful summer so far! & here is todays outfit xoxo
 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png


  1. Aww congratulations! Lovely pictures :)
    Carrie:Brighton xx

  2. Aw you both look lovely! Its mine and my boyfriends two year mark in october, time flys eh?
    That dress looks gorgeous on you elle x

    1. Wow guys congrats, mine and tom's is next month eek :) xo

  3. Gorgeous pics! Congrats on your 18 months!


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