25 September 2013

Back to College; 2 Weeks Late!!

I'm back guys! I'm back! 
It seems that Summer and a wee bit of Autumn caught up with me while I was enjoying myself but I am finally back into the swings of things with work and college life. I've treated myself to a great deal this summer which I can't wait to share with you all. However today I've got one of my favorite posts for you, a stationery haul!!! I did this literally at the beginning of my college term and everything is fabbity fab.
I just couldn't help myself to a cute pencil case that reminds me of Cath Kidson and the hello kitty pen! It just called to me, it was just so cute and I knew I had to have it oops.
I also helped myself to some funky fine liners that I didn't really need but wanted...
I hope I prepped well for college this year however a few weeks in my Bic highlighters are running out! I still need some big folders for my work, I'm hoping for some nice design-y ones and I ended up buying some Paperchase notebooks (heh). But yeah I'm all prepared especially with a new gorgeous bag which I'll include in my clothing haul tomorrow!

I hope everyone's had a wonderful first month or so back at college/school, I know I have!
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