26 June 2014

Hello New Shoes!

It's no secret, I love shoes!!! This summer I thought with the few weekends away I'm having I was allowed some treats, those being in the form of new shoes as I don't actually own any flat shoes that I can wear on nice days out. So away I went shopping... 
 photo DSC_9150_zps284fddf0.jpg
 photo DSC_9151_zpsdd284716.jpg
 photo DSC_9153_zpsbb2185af.jpg
 photo DSC_9154_zps32088b7f.jpg
From Top to Bottom
bag is from justfab.com (do not recommend!)
red dolly shoes - £8 & black cuts outs - £12.50 were from primark 
white flowery wedges are hush puppies from shoe (reduced £35!)
brown sandals & black pointy cut outs are also from justfab.com

Not the most expensive haul in the world but I'll tell you what, some of these shoes are the comfiest ever! The Hush Puppies have a padded sole so they score extra comfy points. The bag is huge, heavy yet also perfect. It's a shame it's from justfab.com because I would not have paid £35 for that baby (it was gifted to me) but all the same I love bags. Now to just wait for my weekend's away, it's going to be fun!
 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png
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  1. I love the black Primark pair! Already have the red ones in black ;)
    Water Painted Dreams xo

    1. I saw them and I knew I had to have both pairs, heh! :) x


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