19 July 2013

A World Full of Nail Polish!

I'm back guys with an amazing haul for you all which didn't even cost me a penny! Now I love painting my nails I don't get to do it very much but when I do it's a different colour every time! So when I was given a carrier bag full of nail polish from my auntie I jumped with joy and lemme tell you, there's so many absolutely gorgeous colours that I can't wait to try them all out.
 photo DSC_81101_zpsf9947855.jpg
I haven't a clue what's wrong with her because all of these shades are ever so gorgeous and so wearable!! However they're all now mine to wear and love which I shall do gladly. The ones I'm most looking forward to trying are defintely the Topshop and Maybelline polishes, the colours just look perfect. 
 photo DSC_8112_zps6a41b2a2.jpg
cloud - big smoke - indian summer - eyes of steel
 photo DSC_8121_zpsd04dc6fd.jpg
kissy - peach smoothie - midnight taupe - latte - forget now
 photo DSC_8125_zpsc649289f.jpg
goth - (the name was given?) - polished 
(I've never actually hear of this brand but the colours look gorgeous so I'm going to give them a go!)

I also got 2 Revlon polishes in Peach Smoothie and Calla Lily and also a Rimmel polish in Rose Libertine. I would should you the colours but the picture wouldn't upload grr! So girlies be on the lookout for reviews and posts on these colours shades very soon because I really can't wait to try them all out!
 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png


  1. I love the topshop eyes of steel shade, so beaut! Lovely blog, following :) x

    1. Looks gorgeous right! Thanks I'll take a look :) xo

  2. So jealous of Eyes of Steel. I've been after a metallic TopShop polish for a looonng time! x

    1. You can borrow it if you want! It was given so I'm happy to share ;P x

  3. I really like Topshop nail varnishes, especially the metallic based ones. Eyes of steel is gorgeous.
    And the two toned ones are really cool, I have one which is purple and green!

    Kathryn x

    1. Cool, I can't wait to try these out especially Topshop they all look gorgeous :) xo

  4. lovely post!!


  5. Ooh they are all so pretty!!!awesome haul!:)


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